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We at Dentistry on Bleams, believe in early care and its never too early to start a lifetime habit of good dental health. It is recommended to have child’s first dental visit around his/her first birthday. We perform comprehensive oral examination, give oral hygiene and dietary recommendations and educate parents about development of teeth and oversee the dentition and refer to specialist Orthodontist if we see major discrepancy in teeth development and alignment.
A regular dental check up at least twice a year is necessary for all children. Teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments reduces the risk of tooth decay. Regular review of oral hygiene instructions help in improving child’s brushing and flossing habits, leading to better dentition in adulthood.
All teeth have natural pits and grooves. Food and bacteria build up in these tiny areas and places the child at risk of caries. Sealants is a white flowable material which is placed on the chewing surfaces of child’s back teeth, where most of the cavities are formed. It’s a non invasive and preventive procedure in which the sealants covers these grooves and helps child in maintaining cavity free teeth throughout the most cavity prone years. We check the sealants during routine dental visits and recommend reapplication when necessary.